Mythology & Good luck charms


Mythology & Good luck charms

On this page, we will disseminate information about the myths and good luck charms of each country. We hope to eventually make it as useful as a dictionary.


The four mythological creatures (Shijinjyu / 四神獣)


In Chinese mythology, it is said that there are four spirit beasts that control the four directions of heaven (east, west, north, south). The four mythological creatures (God Beasts) are called Genbu (Black Turtle), Seiryu (Blue Dragon), Suzaku ( Vermilion Bird ), and Byakko (White Tiger).

Transmission to Japan

The Four God Beasts were transmitted to Japan in the ancient times of China. Heian-kyo, which prospered in Kyoto during the Heian period, was a feng shui city selected by the four gods-oriented orientation theory. The Kotohira Palace (金刀比羅宮) Torii Gate at Toranomon (虎ノ門) in Tokyo has a beautiful sculpture of the Four God Beasts. As described above, the four God Beasts are deeply rooted in Japan and are said to be good for good luck prayer. the four God Beasts have the direction, the season, and the color that symbolizes them. In accordance with the Chinese five elements (Gogyou / 五行) thought, it may be used by placing a ‘Kirin’ or “Oryu” (yellow dragon) in the center of the Four God Beasts.

The four God Beasts and twenty-eight mansions (28星宿 / 28 seishuku)

Clockwise from above, Seiryu (Blue Dragon), Suzaku (Vermilion Bird), Kirin (Chinese mythical hooved chimerical creature), Byakko (White Tiger), Genbu (Black Turtle)

There is an idea of astronomy that divides the celestial sphere into 28 areas (Seishuku / 星宿) unevenly, 28 seishuku are divided into 7 groups of 4 directions, and It is thought that we apply figure of four god beasts of each direction such as Blue Dragon (East), Black Turtle (North), White Tiger (West), and Vermilion Bird (South) to each direction. Please refer to Wikipedia for details of 28 mansions.

The direction, season, and five elements of the four god beasts

Byakko (White Tiger / 白虎)

*Direction : West *Season : Autumn *Five elements : Metal *Colour : White

Genbu (Black Turtle / 玄武)

*Direction : North *Season : Winter *Five elements : Water *Colour : Black

Seiryu (Blue Dragon / 青龍)

*Direction : East *Season : Spring *Five elements : Wood *Colour : Green (Blue)

Suzaku (Vermilion Bird / 朱雀)

*Direction : South *Season : Summer *Five elements : Fire *Colour : Red (Vermilion)

Kirin (Chinese legendary creature / 麒麟 / qilin)

*Direction : Central *Season : Doyo (canicular days) *Five elements : Earth *Colour : Yellow

Oryu (Yellow Dragon / 黄龍)

Instead of Kirin *Direction : Central *Season : Doyo (canicular days) *Five elements : Earth *Colour : Yellow

Benefits of four god beasts
  • Byakko (White Tiger / 白虎) : economic fortune, gambling, family safety, and prosperous business
  • Genbu (Black Turtle / 玄武) : longevity and good health
  • Seiryu (Blue Dragon / 青龍) : business and examination
  • Suzaku (Vermilion Bird / 朱雀) : love, marriage, and the lasting prosperity

Recommended goods for Shijinjyu

Good luck charms

Frog (Kaeru)

The popular secret


“Frog” is “kaeru” in Japanese and “kaeru” means “returns” in English, which is the same pronunciation as in “fuku ga kaeru (happiness returns)” and “buji ni ie ni kaeru (going home safely)”, then it is popular as a lucky charm with the wish of “returning good luck” and “going home safely”. It is also known as a lucky item in Europe.

Since ancient times, in Japan, frogs have been considered divine messengers of Sarutahiko-no-kami (one of Japanese God).

Three-legged frogs are said to bring good fortune.

How to decorate and wear

It seems to be a good idea to display a frog figurine at the entrance with its face facing the room so that it will bring money and good luck. Also, when you go out, it is said that by turning the frog’s face toward the front door, the good energy collected inside the house will not be carried outside. At the end of the day, let’s knead the frog’s head and thank him for his achievements.

Living Room
If you decorate your living room with frog items, it is said that communication will be active and it will bring good luck to people and family. In addition to figurines, posters and stickers are also good◎

Frog items are said to attract good energy, so it is better not to place them where they need purification.

It seems that many people carry frog items in their wallets as amulets, with the hope that they will be able to return home safely.

Smartphone covers / key chains
With the wishes of “money returns”, “happiness returns”, and “young returns”, you can use a frog design for the smartphone cover or attach a frog key chain to your bag or smartphone.

Recommended items for frogs

Owl (Fukurou)

The popular secret


The owl (Fukurou), which is popular in magical stories, is known as a lucky bird that appears in many myths around the world. In Japan, the owl said to be a symbol of happiness because it is associated with “不苦労fukurou: no hardship“, “福来郎fukurou: happiness comes“, “福路fukuro(fortune road): happy life path“, “福老fukurou: happily grow old”.

Because of its ability to see at night, the owl has the meaning of “bright in the world” and is a symbol of wisdom. In addition, the owl is said to “the neck turn around well ⇒ good for prosperous business”, and it is also popular as an amulet for increasing financial luck.

Recommended items for owls

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