STUDY ROOM by P&Y ~Everybody be ambitious~ / 学習室 ~大志を抱け~


Welcome to our Study Room! / 学習室へようこそ!


Here we will update information about self care, health care, languages etc. We will also introduce information on qualification exams and sites that are useful for studying. May your life become richer☆彡

We also hope that this will be helpful when choosing items such as accessories and T-shirts.



Self care / セルフケア : Chakras, Gem Stones, Good Luck etc…

Sanskrit & Buddhist Deities / 梵字 & 仏様

Cosmic dual forces and five elements / 陰陽五行


Nine Star Ki Astrology / 九星気学

Junishi (12 zodiac animal signs) / 十二支 (干支)

Mythology &Good Luck / 神話と縁起物

Constellation / 星座

Twenty-eight or twenty-seven inns / 二十八宿・二十七宿

Coming Soon!

Spiritual Place / パワースポット

Coming Soon!

Gem Stones / パワーストーン

Coming Soon!

Family crest / 家紋


Coming Soon!

Health Care / ヘルスケア from PY Kobo Aroma & Herbs

Encyclopedia / 事典

Recipes / レシピ

Fun & Yummy Rice Cooker Recipe / 楽しい&美味しい炊飯器レシピ

Certifications / 資格情報

Here are some information of certifications related to aroma and herbs.


Languages / 言語 from PY Kobo Talk

HapPY Column ~A little break~

Annual events in Japan / 日本の行事

Japanese Culture / 日本の文化

Japanese Cuisine / 日本料理

Japanese Folktale / 日本の昔話

Recommended items / おすすめアイテム

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