[Great! Flower viewing] Our cherry blossom collection / 【いいね!お花見】桜コレクション

PY Sakura Collection

[Great! Flower viewing] Our cherry blossom collection / 【いいね!お花見】桜コレクション


In Japan, the cherry blossom viewing season will soon come when the cherry blossoms will bloom beautifully.
The cherry blossom collection is now available on the “PY Kobo SQUARE” blanch♪

Handmade items made to order with sincerity. We also accept requests such as changing the colour of the macrame string.

★Items inspired by cherry blossoms
★Recommended not only for the cherry blossom viewing season, but also for everyday use and gifts
★If you change the color of the macrame string to black, navy blue, green, etc., it will be an item that is easy for men to wear!

We hope you find your favourite design☆彡






Check items of “the PY cherry blossom collection” on our item pages / アイテムページで『PYさくらコレクション』のアイテムをチェック

Check “the PY cherry blossom collection” on the PY Kobo SQUARE site / PY工房SQUAREサイトで『PYさくらコレクション』をチェック

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