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European Edible Frog / ヨーロッパトノサマガエル

Today's Pickup! English Yuko Do you have another interesting creature for us today? Pat I sure do! Let’s welcome the European Edible Frog! Japanese Yu...
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Douc / ズーラシアのアカアシドゥクラングール

Today's Pickup! English Yuko What’s next, Pat? Pat The Douc. Or specifically, the Red Shanked Douc. Japanese Yuko 次は、何? Pat ドゥクモンキー、正確に言うと、アカアシドゥクラングー...
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Aardvark / ツチブタ

Today's Pickup! English Yuko What kind of animals can you tell us about today? Pat Introducing a unique animal that lives on the African continent sou...