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In the early 1980’s , I became fascinated with computers. Well, home computers that is, not the business type computers, possibly due to the Apple IIe we had in school and my love for playing arcade games.
A friend of mine owned a Commodore 64 personal computer. He let me play some of the games he had such as Pitfall II, Wanted: Monty Mole and Commando(狼の戦場 = Ookami no Senjou). There were so many games that I couldn’t possibly list them here.
I started buying magazines even before I owned my own C64. Some of these magazines included Zzap!64!, Commodore User (CU), Computer & Video Games (C+VG) and even non-commodore 64 magazines such as Sinclair User.
I somehow managed to persuade my dad to buy a Commodore 64. He agreed somehow (THANK YOU!) and so started to buy games before he was ready to purchase. Most of these titles were games I wasn’t sure were good or not and usually budget titles or discounted games.
I was so excited when I read in a magazine that a coin-op conversion of one of my favourite arcade games at the time, Ghosts’n Goblins (魔界村 = Makai Mura) was scheduled.
So, by the time I finally got my own Commodore 64 (C64), i had already accumulated a lot of games. I also picked up Yie ar Kung Fu at the time of purchase as well.
The Commodore 64c model was the current model which was on sale. My friend owned the original model, commonly known as the “breadbin”.
My lovely dad also thought I should get a monitor for it, so he bought me an amber screen monitor. unlike the colour monitor in the picture below. He was concerned for my eyes and had heard that monochrome amber was more pleasant to use.
I would at a much later point of time get a c1541-II disk drive, everything I had prior to that was on cassette tape.
Please read on for information on the machine itself, some of the games I had and some of the popular magazines I collected.
I will be doing a review of THEC64 Mini soon so please stay tuned for that. I will compare my experience with it and my original machine.


80年代初頭、僕はコンピューターに魅了されました。業務用コンピュータではない家庭用コンピュータは、おそらく学校で使用していた Apple IIe と、アーケード ゲームをするのが大好きなためです。
友人は、コモドール 64 パーソナル コンピュータを所有していました。彼は、Pitfall II、Wanted: Monty Mole、Commando(狼の戦場 = オオカミの戦場) など、彼が持っていたゲームのいくつかをプレイさせてくれました。ここには書ききれないほどたくさんのゲームがありました。
自分のC64を所有する前から雑誌を買い始めました。これらの雑誌には、Zzap!64!、Commodore User (CU)、Computer & Video Games (C+VG)、さらには Sinclair User などの Commodore 64 以外の雑誌も含まれていました。
私はどうにかして父にコモドール 64 を買うよう説得することができました。これらのタイトルのほとんどは、良いかどうかわからないゲームであり、通常は予算の高いタイトルまたは割引されたゲームでした.
というわけで、ついにコモドール64(C64)を手に入れた頃には、すでにたくさんのゲームを蓄積していました。購入時にYie ar Kung Fuも手に入れました。
ずっと後の時点で、c1541-II ディスク ドライブを手に入れることになりました。それ以前に持っていたものはすべてカセット テープでした。
近日中にTHEC64 Miniのレビューを行う予定ですので、ご期待ください。私の経験をそれと私の元のマシンと比較します。

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