In the late 70’s, my older sister’s boyfriend took me to a special event which focused on the latest craze – The Atari 2600! There I was allowed to play a lot of the current games for that system.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford nor probably wasn’t allowed to have one.
Later, I recall one of my school friends had an Intellivision. I really wanted one of those too!

Never got one.

Around 1982 or 1983, the Colecovision was launched in Australia by CBS Electronics.
I recall a small shop located at Leichardt Market town in Sydney where I believe we bought the Colecovision and most of the games I had.
At the time, for me, it was the closest to having an arcade machine in the home. Games like “Donkey Kong”, “Turbo” and “Zaxxon” where, to my eyes at the time, very close to their arcade counterparts.
The Colecovision was a Zilog Z80-based console and distributed in Australia by CBS Electronics. The two included controllers where similar to the Intellivision controllers where it also had a keypad for accessing difficulty levels and other game-specific functions.
Other than the console and some games, I also had Expansion Module #2, which was a steering wheel and brake. The fore-mentioned “Turbo” and one of my favourite games for the Colecovision “Destructor” made use of Expansion Module #2. Expansion Module #1 was an Atari 2600 adapter which allowed use of Atari 2600 carts to be inserted and played on the Colecovision and Expansion #3 was a computer add-on, a whole computer named “Adam” which turned the game console into a home computer.
In short, the Colecovison was an amazing gaming experience – beyond the pong game and the Game & Watch and other handhelds I had before and at the same.



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