As you probably already know by now, I loved the original Makaimura after I first played it at a bowling alley which I went to for my elected Year 10 High School sport.The friend who kindly gave me the PC Engine SuperGrafx had already known I liked the original and I had played the Amiga version at his house.This version blew me away as it was by far the closest thing that came to the “Arcade” at home and would have been the most arcade perfect port ever – until I played the Sharp X68000 version much, much later on.

もうご存知かもしれませんが、私は 10 年生の高校のスポーツのために行ったボウリング場で初めて魔界村をプレイしたときから、オリジナルの魔界村が大好きでした。 オリジナルと私は彼の家でAmigaバージョンをプレイした. シャープ X68000 のバージョンは、ずっと後になります。


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