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Seafood / 水産食品

Fish / 魚類(ぎょるい)


It is said that about 500 kinds of fish can be eaten among the creatures that live in water such as seas and rivers. Here are some fish that are commonly used in cooking.


Shellfish / 貝類(かいるい)


Shellfish refers to mollusks with shells. Many shellfish live in the sea. Clams, abalone, oysters, turban shells, clams, etc. are known to be edible.


Crustaceans / 甲殻類(こうかくるい)

Crustaceans are a class of arthropods whose bodies are made up of many segments. It have calcareous exoskeleton, live mainly in water, and breathe through their gills or the surface of their bodies. Prawns, crabs and mantis shrimp are famous.


Mollusks / 軟体類(なんたいるい)

Mollusks are animals whose bodies and legs have no bones or joints, and whose internal organs are protected by an outer membrane made of muscle. Many live in the sea. Squid and octopus are famous.


Other seafood / その他の魚介類

We introduce protochordates such as sea squirts, echinoderms such as sea urchins and sea cucumbers, frogs, soft-shelled turtles, and more.


Processed seafood / 水産加工食品

Dried seafood products are processed foods such as dried fish and bonito flakes that are dried for the purpose of long-term storage.


Smoked seafood is smoked using fragrant smoking materials (wood, banana leaves, etc.). Smoked squid, octopus, and smoked salmon.


Salted seafood products are processed products made by pickling seafood in salt. Salting prevents the growth of bacteria. Salted fish eggs such as cod roe, salted fish such as salted salmon, and salted fish guts.


Fish-paste products are made by mashing seafood such as fish, shrimp, and squid, adding seasonings, kneading, shaping, and heating. Kamaboko (fish paste), tsumire (minced fish ball), fish sausage, satsuma-age (deep-fried fish paste cake) etc.


Seaweed / 海藻類

Seaweeds are roughly divided into “red algae”, “brown algae” and “green algae” according to their colours. Red algae are reddish seaweeds, most notably Tengusa (agar weed, raw material for agar). Brown algae include kelp and wakame seaweed. Sea grapes and green seaweed are green algae.


Processed seaweed / 海藻類加工品

Agar, Tokoroten (gelidium jelly) and Aji-nori (toasted and seasoned laver) are well-known processed seaweed products.


Fish roes are the eggs of fish such as Ikura (salmon roe), Tarako (cod roe), and kazunoko (herring roe). They are salted eggs, so be careful not to eat too much.


Seafood boiled with water / 魚介類水煮及びボイル

Seafood boiled with oil / 魚介類油煮

Pickled fish / 魚介類漬物

Other processed seafood / その他の魚介類加工品

As for other processed seafood products, Ankimo (monkfish liver) and Kani miso (crab miso) are popular.


Livestock food products / 畜産食品

It is edible animal meat such as beef, pork, chicken, and lamb.


Besides chicken eggs, duck and quail eggs are also known to be edible.


Processed livestock food products / 畜産加工食品

Agricultural food products / 農産食品

Root vegetables / 根菜類

Root vegetables

For root vegetables, you can eat the root part of vegetables such as radish, Japanese radish, burdock, carrot, and lotus roots etc.


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Tuberous and corm vegetables / 芋類

Tuberous and corm vegetables are part of the root vegetables, and you can eat the hard roots, tubers, and corms that have accumulated nutrients (especially starch) and enlarged, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, taros, and yams.


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Leafy stem vegetables / 葉茎菜類

Leafy stem vegetables

For leafy stem vegetables, you can eat the leaves and stems such as cabbage, lettuce, bok choy, spinach, parsley, and chives etc.


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Fruit vegetables / 果菜類

Fruit vegetables

Fruit vegetables are edible fruits or seed parts such as cucumbers, eggplants, tomatoes, green peppers (bell peppers), corn, and okra.


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Leguminous vegetables / 豆科野菜

Leguminous vegetables are edible the pods and the seeds inside the pods such as edamame, green peas, green beans, and field peas.


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Savory herbs and garnishes / 香辛野菜・つまもの類

Savory herbs and garnishes are mainly used to add color to dishes and accentuate their taste. Ginger, wasabi, perilla, myoga, yuzu, garlic, etc.


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Edible wild vegetables / 山菜類

Edible wild vegetables are edible plants that grow naturally in the fields. Fatsia sprouts, butterbur, udo, bracken, royal fern, and Japanese parsley etc.


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Processed agricultural food / 農産加工食品

Confectionery / 菓子類

Prepared foods / 調理済み食品

Beverage / 飲料

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