Ylang Ylang / イランイラン

Outline / 概要


Ylang Ylang is a tall tree native to tropical regions such as Madagascar that produces yellow star-shaped flowers. It has an exotic and rich scent reminiscent of a tropical island.

There are four grades (extra, 1st, 2nd, 3rd) depending on the distillation process, and the mixture of all grades is called “complete”. Extra is the first extracted essential oil and is the highest grade.




Data / データ

Cananga odorata

Annonaceae / バンレイシ科

Ylang Ylang / イランイラン

Southeast Asia, Madagascar etc. / 東南アジア、マダガスカルなど

  • Extra, 1st, Complete: Benzyl benzoate, Methyl salicylate, etc.
  • 2nd, 3rd: Germacrene D, Fanessen, β-caryophyllene, benzyl benzoate, etc.
  • エクストラ、1st、コンプリート:安息香酸ベンジル、サリチル酸メチルなど
  • 2nd、3rd:ゲルマクレンD、ファネッセン、βカリオフィレン、安息香酸ベンジルなど

steam distillation / 水蒸気蒸留法

Flowers / 花

  • Extra, 1st, Complete: Base Note
  • 2nd, 3rd: Middle note
  • エクストラ、1st、コンプリート:ベースノート
  • 2nd、3rd:ミドルノート

Strong / 強

Fruity and rich oriental scent / 甘くオリエンタルな香り

Very well with the following essential oils / 以下のエッセンシャルオイルとの相性良し;

  • Citrus family such as orange sweet / オレンジスイートなどの柑橘系
  • Oriental type such as sandalwood / サンダルウッドなどのオリエンタル系

Relaxing effect, sedative effect, bactericidal and disinfecting effect,
scalp / sebum balance adjustment, female hormone adjustment effect, blood pressure lowering effect, etc.


Fragrant bath, hair care (shampoo, etc.), fragrance, etc.

Because the skin irritation is strong, please dilute with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil before use.
A skin test before use is recommended as it can cause skin irritation to some people.
Please be careful not to get it in your eyes.
Please refrain from using if you are pregnant or have low blood pressure.



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