Basil / バジル


Outline / 概要


Basil means “king” in Greek. Its glossy dark green leaves have been used as the ingredients in cooking and as the medicinal herbs since ancient times. This plant grows to a height of about 60cm to 90cm and bears cute spikes of white or pale pink flowers. The essential oil is pale greenish yellow.




Data / データ

Ocimum basilicum

Lamiaceae / シソ科

Basil (Basilico) / バジル(バジリコ)

India/Tropical Asia/Africa/Pacific Islands / インド・熱帯アジア・アフリカ・太平洋諸島

Monoterpene alcohols (Linalool), Phenol ethers (methyl chavicol) etc. / モノテルペンアルコール類(リナロール)、フェノールエーテル類(メチルチャビコール)など

steam distillation / 水蒸気蒸留法

Flower, Stem, Leaf / 花・茎・葉

Top / トップ

Strong / 強

Refreshing, slightly sweet, spicy herbal scent / すっきりとした少し甘さのあるスパイシーでハーバルな香り

Very well with essential oils from citrus oils such as lemon and lime, floral oils such as lavender and geranium, and resinous essential oils such as frankincense

Antiviral, analgesic, digestive, etc. / 抗ウイルス作用・鎮痛作用・消化促進作用など

Fragrant bath, hand bath, etc. / 芳香浴、ハンドバスなど

Please refrain from applying undiluted solution or high-concentration essential oil to the skin. Be careful if you have sensitive skin, as it can irritate the skin.
Also, if you are pregnant, please avoid using it.
Long-term use is said to be potentially toxic. After using it for 1-2 weeks, try to use other essential oils and do not use it continuously for a long time.
There are many different types of basil. French basil is not very strongly toxic and low-irritating, so it is suitable for aromatherapy.


  • Yin and yang / 陰陽 : Yang / 陽
  • Chakra / チャクラ : 4th chakra, 5th chakra / 第4チャクラ・第5チャクラ
  • Constellation / 星座 : Gemini / ふたご座
  • Planet / 惑星 : Mars, Mercury / 火星・水星
  • Five elements / 五行 : Metal, Earth / 金・土


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