[2023] コツコツ幸せ探し! / Looking for happiness steadily!


2023年は卯年(日本) / 2023 is the year of the rabbit (Japan)

This page summarizes the lucky days and directions for 2023 so that you can have good luck in 2023. We would be happy if our information could be of some help to you☆彡


梵字マンとウサギたち / Sanskrit Man and rabbits

There are 60 sets of Eto, which are a combination of “Jikkan (the ten Heavenly Stems)” of the ancient Chinese calendar with 10 days as one phrase and “Junishi (the twelve zodiac animal signs)”, which represent the calendar and time.

Eto for 2023 is Mizunoto-U (yin water). Mizunoto is the 10th of Jikkan and U is the 4th animal (rabbit) of Junishi, so 2023 is the 40th of 60 cycles.

Mizunoto represents the water that moistens the earth. Also, it is the end of Jikkan, and represents the state where new life grows from the end of life.

U (rabbit) represents “yin and wood” in the Yin-Yang and Gogyo (five elements). The year of the rabbit is said to represent “home safety” from the rabbit’s gentle character, and “leap” and “improvement” from the appearance of jumping. We hope your hard work will bear fruit and this will be a year of great progress for you☆彡

The guardian Buddha of the Year of the Rabbit is Monju Bodhisattva, and the Sanskrit character is “Man“.






恵方・吉方位 / Lucky direction

Eho is the direction in which Toshitokushin-sama, who is responsible for the good fortune of the year, is seated. Since it is determined by Jikkan, it varies every year.

The lucky direction for 2023 is south-southeast by south. It seems good to get amulets and hamaya at shrines and temples in the eho direction. It is said that hamaya is a sacred arrow and attracts good luck and wards off evil (bad luck) for the incoming year.

Happiness comes from east and west to the center. Rabbit items should be displayed in the east, west, and center.




縁起の良い日 / Auspicious days

Auspicious days occur several times a year, but the most auspicious day is called ‘Tensha-bi‘ (Heavenly day). It is sometimes read as “Tensha-nichi”. This day is said to be “the day when the heavens forgive the sins of all things”, and it is said that all obstacles will be removed and everything will go well.

In addition, there are “Ichiryu-manbai-bi (One grain 10,000 times day)” and “Tora-no-hi (Tiger’s day)”. “Ichiryu-manbai-bi” is said to be a lucky day when “one grain of rice will grow 10,000 times”, and is considered a good day to start things. “Tora-no-hi” is a lucky day related to financial luck that comes around every 12 days, and is also called “Kinun-shorai-bi (financial luck invitation day)”.

The most auspicious day of 2023 is
Tuesday, March 21, 2023
On this day, “Ichiryu-manbai-bi” and “Tora-no-hi” overlap with “Tensha-bi”. Other lucky days in 2023 are below.

  • January 6, 2023 (Friday) : Heavenly Day, One grain 10,000 times day
  • March 21, 2023 (Tuesday/holiday) : Heavenly day, One grain 10,000 times day (Tiger’s day)
  • June 5, 2023 (Monday) : Heavenly Day
  • August 4, 2023 (Friday) : Heavenly day, One grain 10,000 times day
  • August 18, 2023 (Friday): Heavenly day
  • October 17, 2023 (Tuesday): Heavenly day




  • 2023年1月6日(金)友引:天赦日、一粒万倍日
  • 2023年3月21日(火・祝)先勝:天赦日、一粒万倍日(寅の日)
  • 2023年6月5日(月)友引:天赦日
  • 2023年8月4日(金)大安:天赦日、一粒万倍日
  • 2023年8月18日(金)先負:天赦日
  • 2023年10月17日(火)大安:天赦日

ラッキーカラー / Lucky colours

Lucky colours for 2023 are;
Light blue is also good from water, which is an attribute of Mizunoto.


ラッキー・フード / Lucky Food

Noodles : Udon (wheat noodle) or Soba (buckwheat noodle)






ラッキー・モチーフ / Lucky motif

Lucky Motif for 2023
  • Rabbit: Cute motif associated with the year of the rabbit.
  • Wings: Motif that flutters toward the sky.
  • Ribbon: Gentle motif with a strong bond.
  • Perfume bottle: Stylish motif for carrying the scent that suits you.
  • Clover: Green motif that expresses the colour of the year of the rabbit and wishes for peace.
  • Seiryu: Motif of Seiryu, the guardian deity of Wood (木) belonging to the year of the rabbit.
  • うさぎ:卯年にちなんだ可愛いモチーフ。
  • 羽:天を目指して羽ばたくイメージのモチーフ。
  • リボン:しっかりと絆を結んだ優しいモチーフ。
  • 香水ビン:自分に合う香りを持ち運ぶおしゃれなモチーフ。
  • クローバー:卯年のカラーであるグリーンと平和を願うモチーフ。
  • 青龍:卯年の属する木の守護神・青龍様のモチーフ。

ラッキー・ストーン / Lucky Gems

Lucky gem stones for 2023
  • Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli, a sacred stone that brings good luck, is said to be a stone that goes well with the east, which is ruled by Blue Dragon God (Seiyu).
  • Blue Lace Agate: Blue lace agate, which has a pale light blue lace pattern, is said to be a gentle stone that heals physical and mental fatigue.
  • Jade: The guardian stone of the Year of the Rabbit, Jade is said to bring happiness and success since ancient times. It is also one of the birthstones for May.
  • Citrine: In 28 mansions of Chinese astronomy, 2023 is the year of Seishuku / Chichiri-boshi (Chinese “Well” constellation / The first of the seven southern Suzaku mansions). Seishuku’s Lucky Stone, Citrine, is said to be a lucky stone that brings prosperity and wealth with its yellow gold color.
  • Garnet: Symbolizing red, the lucky color of 2023, garnet is said to represent passion and fruitfulness. It is the birthstone for January.
  • Gold Rutilated Quartz: Gold Rutilated Quartz, which is considered lucky throughout the 21st century, is said to be a stone that avoids danger and leads things to success.
  • Moonstone: White moonstone, the lucky color of 2023, is a stone that shines gently as if it were wearing moonlight, and is said to bring rich love and improve human relationships. It is one of the birthstones for June.
  • Carnelian: Orange Carnelian, your lucky color for 2023, is said to be a stone that motivates and gives you the courage to pursue your goals. It is one of the birthstones for July.
  • ラピスラズリ:幸運をもたらす聖なる石とされているラピスラズリは、青龍神の司る東と相性の良い石と言われています。
  • ブルーレースアゲート:淡い水色にレース状の模様があるブルーレースアゲートは、心身の疲れを癒す優しい石と言われています。
  • 翡翠ひすい:卯年の守護石である翡翠は、古代から幸福や成功をもたらす石と言われています。また、5月の誕生石の一つです。
  • シトリン:28宿では、2023年は井宿の年。井宿のラッキー・ストーンであるシトリンは、イエローゴールド色で繁栄と富をもたらす幸運の石と言われています。
  • ガーネット:2023年のラッキー・カラーである赤色を象徴するガーネットは、情熱や実りを表すと言われています。1月の誕生石です。
  • ゴールドルチルクォーツ:21世紀を通してラッキーとされるゴールド色のルチルクォーツは、危険を回避して物事を成功へ導く石と言われています。
  • ムーンストーン:2023年のラッキー・カラーである白色のムーンストーンは、月光をまとったかのように優しく輝く石で、豊かな愛情や人間関係の改善をもたらす石と言われています。6月の誕生石の一つです。
  • カーネリアン:2023年のラッキー・カラーであるオレンジ色のカーネリアンは、やる気を引き出し目的に向かって進む勇気をもたらす石と言われています。7月の誕生石の一つです。

おすすめアイテム / Recommended items

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