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Pressure Points Encyclopedia

What’s a pressure point? / ツボって何?


Pressure points, also known as “keiketsu / 経穴”, are based on the concept of “ki / 気” (vital energy) in oriental medicine.

In Oriental medicine, mental and physical disorders are considered to be due to stagnation of the flow of “ki / 気” and “chi / 血” throughout the body. “Ki” is the invisible fluid life energy. “Chi” means blood and bodily fluids.

These “ki” and “chi” passages throughout the body are called “keiraku / 経絡” (meridians), and pressure points (acupoints) are treatment points that appear on the meridians and produce reactions such as pain when pressed.

It is believed that by properly stimulating the pressure points, the circulation of “ki” and “chi” will improve through the meridians, and physical disorders will improve.

If you feel unwell, please seek medical attention first. As one of self-care, we hope that stimulating pressure points will be useful for your health maintenance.







How to stimulate pressure points / ツボの刺激方法


There are four easy-to-use acupoint stimulation methods. Depending on the part, stimulate the pressure points in a way that feels good. If it hurts, rub it gently.

  • Press: Press the point with your finger.
  • Tap: Tap gently with your palm or fist.
  • Massage: Use your palms and fingers to massage gently.
  • Warm up: Warm up using warmer such as heat pads or moxibustion.


  • 押す(おす):ツボを指などで押しましょう。
  • 叩く(たたく):手のひらやこぶしを使ってトントンと優しく叩きましょう。
  • 揉む(もむ):手のひら、指を使って優しく揉みほぐしましょう。
  • 温める(あたためる):カイロやお灸などを使って温めましょう。

How to press / 押し方

  • Don’t use your fingernails, use the pad of your finger or the palm of your hand to press gently.
  • Keep your fingers still and press slowly vertically.
  • Press as hard as you feel good pain.
  • Press about 5-10 seconds per place.
  • Press for 4-5 times a day.
  • Press lightly at night.
  • 爪を立てず指の腹や手のひらを使って優しく押しましょう。
  • 指は動かさず、ゆっくりと垂直に押しましょう。
  • イタ気持ちいいくらいの強さで押しましょう。
  • 1か所あたり5秒~10秒くらいを目安に押しましょう。
  • 1日4~5回を目安に押しましょう。
  • 夜は弱めに押しましょう。

When it is better to avoid stimulating pressure points / ツボの刺激を避けた方がよい場合


In the following cases, it is better to avoid stimulation of pressure points.

  • Those who are pregnant
  • Those with high blood pressure
  • When drunk, when hungry, when full
  • If there is a wound, swelling, or inflammation around the pressure point


  • 妊娠中の方
  • 血圧が高い方
  • 飲酒時、空腹時、満腹時
  • ツボの周りに傷や腫れ、炎症がある場合

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